Blackboards are great design tools to personalise your space and to create unique and playful designs.

Generally, we come across chalk painted black boards in coffee shops and casual eateries. Besides being very functional as a spot to note the daily specials , chalkboards are easy to clean and the go to wall dressings for many.


The popularity of the blackboards in coffee shops has been carried over to home decorations.That is why many people go for a blackboard on a wall or a column preferably in their kitchens or wet bars. I like to incorporate blackboard walls to my kitchen or kitchenette designs, because they are very handy for the grocery list, daily notes and eye catching graphic art. So, go bring out the artist in you and paint anything you like to make your board unique and special🎨 


In addition to kitchens, I love to use blackboards in studies ,entries and kids bedrooms.Home office spaces can become much more fun when reminders are scribbled on a chalkboard painted wall...Also, writing inspirational words and comments on a wall is quite helpful as you get to see them everyday!!!Keep in mind, it only takes a spongy eraser and a chalk to replace them with new quotes😊


I ADORE entry walls with blackboards ,because they can easily make a statement about your lifestyle and mood.It is like a contemporary piece of art that can easily blend in with the the style of your home and make it more modern and cozy.

So, go ahead and assign the most talented artist at home to create your own art!!!



Kids rooms and playrooms are often customised with different sizes and shapes of blackboards. It is one of the best ways to nurture their creative abilities.They can use it to jut notes down, do homework or just draw art. All kids love CHALKS and the freedom of painting on a wall.PLUS, it will save your precious painted walls from being a canvas for their colorful artworks ⁉️


 Clearly, blackboards are a great design choice for those of you who want to add a personal touch and play around with it as often as you want. The fact that it is simple ,unique and budget friendly also makes a blackboard a favorite wall paint or a piece of art...