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GUEST BLOG:Bend Bedroom Design "Rules" to Get Better Sleep


AUTHOR:Sarah Johnson

Creating a sleepy sanctuary, a retreat from daily stress can help you get the full seven to eight hours of sleep you need to function at your best. Design elements from furniture placement to the texture of accent pieces can affect your ability to fall into a deep, restful sleep. Design rules are meant to give you a starting point. While some are worth following, others should be bent or even broken to create a calming bedroom that will help you reach the deepest levels of sleep.

Bed Placement

The bed should be one of the first pieces of furniture you place. Traditionally, beds are positioned on the opposite wall from the door or the longest wall without windows. While those are both a good starting point, don't be afraid to bend the general rule.


A bed should help create balance in the room while leaving adequate space and movement for you and your partner. In some bedrooms, that may mean using a wall of windows as the headboard. In warm climates, having windows above the bed can allow a cool breeze on hot evenings. A large and spacious bedroom may benefit from having the bed placed in the center of the room with equal space on all sides. The key is to find a placement that works with the shape of the room but creates mental balance for better relaxation.

Keep It Comfortable

Your bed plays a vital role in your comfort. The mattress should support your preferred sleep position—back, stomach, side. If your bed has hills and valleys, it’s probably time to change it out for something new. Today, you have many mattress options from natural latex that’s biodegradable to hybrid models that incorporate innerspring and foam for greater comfort.


Bedding and decor create layers of comfort. While beading and sequins may give you the glamorous look you want, it might not create the comfortable, cozy atmosphere you need for better sleep. Textiles and even accent furniture should be bought with comfort in mind. Cotton and linen sheets allow for the best breathability and get softer over time, making them an inviting addition to your bed.


A bedroom that's overly styled offers a sophisticated look but might not allow your mind and body to relax. Fabrics like velvet and cashmere are luxurious while also being touchably soft and inviting. Save the sparkle for accessories that won’t be touching your skin. Rugs, accent chairs, and benches can also add softness and warmth that will make you want to lay down and stay awhile.

More Nature and Better Air

Nature has a calming effect that brings your heart rate and blood pressure down. Photos of nature, furniture with organic designs, and, of course, houseplants all have the color, texture, and scents of nature to help you relax.


Houseplants aren’t traditionally used in the bedroom, but they serve a dual purpose. First, they bring nature inside in the most tangible of ways. Second, they improve the air quality in your bedroom. Improved air quality can actually help you get better rest and improve your mood, thinking skills, and performance. Plants like the spider plant and snake plant both release oxygen at night while removing toxins, chemicals, and microbes from the air.


Design should always support the purpose of the room. When it comes to your bedroom, infuse the space your personality while adding the coziness you need for a good night’s rest.

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One summer ago, a friend of mine and her husband stepped into the office for a bedroom makeover. As I remember then, their major intention was to join the old balcony to the room. By the way, they were expecting their second daughter who was about to be born in a month and YES of course they were in a RUSH❗️


The initial plan was to get rid of the old balcony walls and windows and plan a bigger space. So, we decided to keep the flooring to save ourselves some time and money to splurge on the wallpaper and fabrics...


Another major concern was the poor organisation of their old wardrobe! Sliding doors were not practical for the working couple!Nothing was quite visible and morning dressing ritual was a burden !!!

Therefore, we designed an open walk in closet space for their individual needs.


After planning the fundamental pieces of the bedroom, we still had more space to play around with!Balcony had a nice view and nobody could resist sitting by those windows.SO, we designed a built in seating arrangement and had it custom made to fit our new space.Frankly, I believe the comfy window seat is the reason why the young couple spend so much time in their new bedroom😊


The old balcony floor had ceramics and no new hardwood floor would match the old one.

That is why, we went ahead and changed it with a wall to wall carpeting for a cosier feel.


As the couple desired to sleep facing the windows, we designed a double duty closet door as a bed headboard with MDF backing.And then, we dressed it with the cutest wallpaper which I really fell in love with😍 Seriously,the YELLOW in the paper was our sunny inspiration for the remaining selections of fabrics and accessories.


Despite the crazy humid and hot weather and strict working hours implied by the neighbors,we were lucky enough to finish every detail before the new member of the family arrived👏👏