Before and After Alert: My favorite way to reveal professional tips of the trade. Read on to see how a new design can regenerate an old interior.

Two summers ago, I have completed the renovation of this same exact house. I loved working with this happy family of 3 so much and the end result was very pleasing!

But, suddenly, they became a happy family of 4, and the newcomer changed the spatial needs as well as the lifestyle. The guest room downstairs had to be turned into a nursery, and so they needed a new guest room with a toilet, a study and a tv room all in one space.


The OLD TV ROOM on the second floor of this duplex had the perfect potential! Plus, it was the only room we had not remodeled in the previous renovation!

At first, it seemed a bit challenging because a bed would distract the entire design and there was no foundation for a toilet. But, together with heavy brainstorming and precise decision making, we came up with a perfect solution to have it all in one room.

NOW ,it was time to tear it down too!!!

The inital step was to solve the toilet problem! Luckily, the master bathroom was next door ,so I used the present mechanical installations in the adjacent wall. No freedom to choose the location can seem like a downside, but this fact ,as being discussion free, worked in my favor.I managed to keep it small and the sliding door was a BIG space saver.


The FIREPLACE was also in the wish list and I could not imagine a cozier space without it. So, I had a custom made fireplace mounted next to the powder room. Rest of the room plan smoothly radiated around this design.

The replacement of a traditional bed system with a sleeper sofa was the best resolution.

 Now, they had room even for a kitchenette with a wine cooler. Woow!!


The old study was so outdated, and not practical enough for their growing needs. Therefore, the study was redefined with new custom made furniture. I added laser cut pieces to spruce up the look. The client loved the idea, as the study became more inspirational...

I preferred light tones of gray for wall paint and the color scheme turned out to be a tone-on-tone color. PLUS,I tried to decorate with accent touches of bold hues for an easy going feel.


With all the great memories kids make, comes a great fuss too:) Styled living rooms and kids bedrooms are not ideal for relax family time. So if you have an extra room to spare , turn it into a family room where all can work and play at the same time!


Do you want to separate a space without walls or merely decorate and get more privacy?  If so, stop a moment to enjoy the post❗️

We have all come across the problem of renting an apartment where rooms are not the exact shape or size we want, or walls are mostly not permitted for nailing !This is a major situation where a divider steps in to help you! I am a big fan of dividers and I use it in most of my interior design projects.So ,read on to see more examples.


Panoramic Splendor Project by TESINTERIORS||Screen art by ELVAN ALPAY

WELCOME to the world of dividers !

Spaces are maximized when divided by a screen instead of the traditional walls. Keep scrolling for 3 common types of dividers for a defined and better use of your space!


Built in screens are usually preferred when there is a desire to visually partition an area. For instance, sleek laser cut special screens with their airy decorative feel are my favorite. I often design and custom build them for my clients.The final product becomes a decorafocal point like a piece of artwork. They can even act as a wall to arrange furniture such as a dresser. Another way for you to divide can be using custom made furniture like a bookcase , a shelving unit or even a fireplace. Possibilities are limitless!

Refreshed Classic Project by TESINTERIORS


VIA LUXE || Design by Anthony Micheal


Sliding dividers are brilliant for more flexibility within your space .They come in various sizes and materials such as glass, wood ,metal. I lean towards metal chains and fabrics. You can easily install a rod to your ceiling to hang stripes of fabric or a curtain .It will style your room when filtering sound. For persistent visual transparency, I recommend Glass. You can simply double your room with glazed sliding doors.

Ekran Alıntısıhgghghg.JPG

Elegant Manor Project by TESINTERIORS






Portable dividers are handy if you want to change your look more often. Benefit from any kind of light furniture to add privacy or to subdivide your space.  My tip would be to choose pieces preferably with wheels. Let's say you want to update your look when separating your interiors, then I suggest Foldable screens. Their mobility and decorative feel are priceless. You can have them custom made to suit your spatial needs. Or, simply buy them from furniture stores and reshape your space anytime and anyhow you like 💙

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