Is it really possible to have a 250 USD KING SIZE bed made with the finest materials to be shipped to your home within 24 hrs??

Yes it is!!! But only if you know where to look for...


Recently , I have been going through a lot of online shopping experience for my clients. So, TRUST ME, once you start enjoying it, it becomes irresistible!!!


Clearly , online shopping has both advantages and disadvantages.

But if you compare the downsides with what you achieve in such a short period of time, you will see that the act is priceless!!!

Let's say, you want to buy a fancy dresser and you have been looking for it forever! First of all,showrooms can only display limited number of pieces and then again, you might not even have the store you are looking for anywhere near you.

Isn't that why almost all bestseller furniture stores also have online shopping 👀



That is when online shopping steps in ,with its limitless number of websites displaying tons of furniture options and their prices.

Yes, with their prices!!! This fact by itself is a winner! Don't tell me that you have never been to a store where you could not even come close to asking the price for a tiny piece of furniture ⁉️⁉️

Plus,do you ever think about how long it takes to wait for a sales representative to ask her if a piece is in stock or not ,or if it comes in a different colour and size?

Now that's where online shopping wins again👍🏻


Also, NEVER FORGET:a website cannot make a mistake with the number of items in stock or a detailed measurement.The only disappointing experience can sometimes be the lack of information on a product.To avoid that, I use trustworthy web sources with adequate product details.



Of course, seeing it real can never be as satisfying as seeing it on screen, but when you add up all the advantages, online shopping is priceless!

Besides, nowadays when TIME is such a great treasure, who can deny the act of buying a client's furniture in minutes without even planning for a scheduled store visit?



Now,I must confess that my favourite furniture cruising time is at night in my pjs 😊So stay relaxed and click away whenever and however you like for furniture of any size and price without waiting in line...

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"Even the prisoners have the right to have a window"

This quote once used by my architecture professor in college, has been so influential in my own experience over the years. No one can deny the  significance of a window as it is a major  link to the outside world in a dwelling. Besides its vital uses for fresh air and daylight, you might want to add a seating arrangement next to a window for more...



Yes, all is possible in one window seat!

Keep on reading to see more examples categorized with room types.


Don't we all have days when we scroll out of bed with eyes half open? A window side nook is a great setting to yawn and stretch for a bright day ahead!Plus you will pick your daily outfit better just by checking the weather sitting next to a window😊

Of course it will always be a Great curl up area for nite owls with less sleep ! Or if you are a book worm, you can decorate your nook with extra shelves for more books and bury yourself in them and enjoy a special night time reading.



On the weekends, after breakfast I can't wait to enjoy my morning coffee by a window. So, a bench by the window is an all time favorite feature in almost all of my kitchen designs.

Plus, you can easily sit down and relax even while cooking. A comfy and stylish nook is your perfect spot to read papers or surf the net for a new delightful recipe.


Imagine yourself on a snowy day, wanting to settle by the window to watch the white flakes ! You can take your shoes off,  and get warm with blankets on a lovely window seat. It is a winner if placed next to a fireplace. Let's say you have more guests coming in, just pull a side table for entertaining.




Work work work and no play...NO WAY!!!

Your kids or even pets will love a window seat as much, because, they can easily come and curl up or play by your side. And you can always chill in a WINDOW SEAT for a coffee break .







*Have built in drawers underneath the seating area for easy pull out storage!






*Make the cushion thick and soft enough for comfort!




*Build shelving on the walls around the window for extra books, objects to make the space feel bigger!







*Choose easy to open shades or blinds to enjoy plenty of daylight!









*Combine pillows ,curtains and cushions with similar colors and patterns for a stylish look!


Before and After Alert: My favorite way to reveal professional tips of the trade. Read on to see how a new design can regenerate an old interior.

Two summers ago, I have completed the renovation of this same exact house. I loved working with this happy family of 3 so much and the end result was very pleasing!

But, suddenly, they became a happy family of 4, and the newcomer changed the spatial needs as well as the lifestyle. The guest room downstairs had to be turned into a nursery, and so they needed a new guest room with a toilet, a study and a tv room all in one space.


The OLD TV ROOM on the second floor of this duplex had the perfect potential! Plus, it was the only room we had not remodeled in the previous renovation!

At first, it seemed a bit challenging because a bed would distract the entire design and there was no foundation for a toilet. But, together with heavy brainstorming and precise decision making, we came up with a perfect solution to have it all in one room.

NOW ,it was time to tear it down too!!!

The inital step was to solve the toilet problem! Luckily, the master bathroom was next door ,so I used the present mechanical installations in the adjacent wall. No freedom to choose the location can seem like a downside, but this fact ,as being discussion free, worked in my favor.I managed to keep it small and the sliding door was a BIG space saver.


The FIREPLACE was also in the wish list and I could not imagine a cozier space without it. So, I had a custom made fireplace mounted next to the powder room. Rest of the room plan smoothly radiated around this design.

The replacement of a traditional bed system with a sleeper sofa was the best resolution.

 Now, they had room even for a kitchenette with a wine cooler. Woow!!


The old study was so outdated, and not practical enough for their growing needs. Therefore, the study was redefined with new custom made furniture. I added laser cut pieces to spruce up the look. The client loved the idea, as the study became more inspirational...

I preferred light tones of gray for wall paint and the color scheme turned out to be a tone-on-tone color. PLUS,I tried to decorate with accent touches of bold hues for an easy going feel.


With all the great memories kids make, comes a great fuss too:) Styled living rooms and kids bedrooms are not ideal for relax family time. So if you have an extra room to spare , turn it into a family room where all can work and play at the same time!