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Why,How or When ???
If you are one of the curios majority who want to justify the rug on a rug trend, read on to learn WHY, WHEN and HOW we designers prefer to use it.



Well, first of all,layering a vibrant rug on an old or boring carpeted flooring will definitely add texture and depth to your space.

Secondly, it will enhance the space it is used in and maybe even define new borders.So, ADD richness to your space by bringing in color or texture with rug layering.

ALSO, using a striking rug on a plain one will clearly draw more attention to the furniture placed on it. Therefore, it is the best way to dramatize the effect of a centerpiece.

If you have a very light colored delicate rug that can be easily stained,you can protect it by layering a hard wearing, patterned dark kilim on top.



If your existing high quality rug is visibly stained and there is no way to get it off, then go ahead and buy a new cheaper rug smaller in size and place it on top of the valuable one.Thus, you still have your precious aged rug underlying the newcomer.


You want to change colors but you still want to keep an old rug you love! Well then, go shopping for a cheaper and bigger rug with your new color preference and place it underneath your old one to change the ambiance.

You have completed your entire decoration with a simple and plain rug and you feel something is missing! Maybe you were not brave enough to buy that big vibrant rug, or maybe your dream rug was out of your budget.
Keep in mind that you can easily twist a plain decoration with a small colorful and patterned rug and DON'T FORGET:smaller size will be easier on your pocket.




A popular method is to put a cowhide on a jute rug or on a wall to wall carpeted flooring.It has no definite boundaries,so, it will make your space look bigger.Personally,I prefer to use black and white zebra look to create more depth.


Another great way to spruce up your decoration is by placing a round rug on a bigger rectangular rug. It will certainly create a major focal point.I recommend using this method to draw attention to a center piece of furniture like a coffee table or an ottoman.

Layer them unconventionally , maybe half and half for a wider feeling of space. You will definitely MAKE A STATEMENT with an antique kilim randomly layered on top of a plain natural fiber rug.




Confession:No matter why,when and how,RUG ON A RUG is a favorite design trend I won’t give up soon.So, I say, dig in to find old rugs in your storage spaces and layer them for a totally fascinating and stylish new look.


Before and After Alert: My favorite way to reveal professional tips of the trade. Read on to see how a new design can regenerate an old interior.



Although 5 whole years have passed over this renovation ,every moment of it stays in my memory quite vividly as it was a very special Project in many ways.


 First of all, it was a great beginning of a client architect relationship that has come to last till now with a total of 13 projects so far.
Another reason that made this renovation particularly special was the history of the building which dates back to the early 1900s.







With a past of over 100 years, the BRAUNSTEİN apartment had its share of aging. The challange was to design the first office of a very young and famous blogger in such an old space.
Although the client was the mere reflection of youth and energy, she believed in the aura of the past.That is why, the main idea was to balance the old and new  by mixing significant old structural details with new and easy to use materials.The process began by tearing apart useless layers to bring about the main historic elements.
The cratfsmanship of the brick walls and vaulted ceilings was striking.



The initial
Goal was to design an eye catching entry with a dynamic character.
The colors and materials were selected together with Buse Terim,the blogger herself.
The focus was to have the energy in the center and have everything radiate from it with bits and surprises in small bundles.



Peeling the old floorings which have been layered through the years required a great deal of time and energy.Once this challenge was complete,clear epoxy was hand poured on to the bare concrete floor.



All the original doors and windows were kept and restored with minor handling and paint.Only the kitchen door was replaced with a glass door , dressed with custom designed macaroon stickers.



The old hexagon window glass was all broken so we decided to have colorful pieces of glass made by a local glasswork studio specializing in antique pieces.Painting the vaulted ceilings all white after tearing down chips and old paint expressed the charming structure and resulted in a higher feeling space.



---No matter the size, I believe, a renovation job that is true to the characteristic architecture is always intriguing, so it was a job worth all the hard work!!!---

NOTE:Visit www.tesinteriors/press for more photos of the BUSE TERIM Office Project ,published in ELLE DECOR magazine


Is it really possible to have a 250 USD KING SIZE bed made with the finest materials to be shipped to your home within 24 hrs??

Yes it is!!! But only if you know where to look for...


Recently , I have been going through a lot of online shopping experience for my clients. So, TRUST ME, once you start enjoying it, it becomes irresistible!!!


Clearly , online shopping has both advantages and disadvantages.

But if you compare the downsides with what you achieve in such a short period of time, you will see that the act is priceless!!!

Let's say, you want to buy a fancy dresser and you have been looking for it forever! First of all,showrooms can only display limited number of pieces and then again, you might not even have the store you are looking for anywhere near you.

Isn't that why almost all bestseller furniture stores also have online shopping 👀



That is when online shopping steps in ,with its limitless number of websites displaying tons of furniture options and their prices.

Yes, with their prices!!! This fact by itself is a winner! Don't tell me that you have never been to a store where you could not even come close to asking the price for a tiny piece of furniture ⁉️⁉️

Plus,do you ever think about how long it takes to wait for a sales representative to ask her if a piece is in stock or not ,or if it comes in a different colour and size?

Now that's where online shopping wins again👍🏻


Also, NEVER FORGET:a website cannot make a mistake with the number of items in stock or a detailed measurement.The only disappointing experience can sometimes be the lack of information on a product.To avoid that, I use trustworthy web sources with adequate product details.



Of course, seeing it real can never be as satisfying as seeing it on screen, but when you add up all the advantages, online shopping is priceless!

Besides, nowadays when TIME is such a great treasure, who can deny the act of buying a client's furniture in minutes without even planning for a scheduled store visit?



Now,I must confess that my favourite furniture cruising time is at night in my pjs 😊So stay relaxed and click away whenever and however you like for furniture of any size and price without waiting in line...

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11 (5).jpg

One summer ago, a friend of mine and her husband stepped into the office for a bedroom makeover. As I remember then, their major intention was to join the old balcony to the room. By the way, they were expecting their second daughter who was about to be born in a month and YES of course they were in a RUSH❗️


The initial plan was to get rid of the old balcony walls and windows and plan a bigger space. So, we decided to keep the flooring to save ourselves some time and money to splurge on the wallpaper and fabrics...


Another major concern was the poor organisation of their old wardrobe! Sliding doors were not practical for the working couple!Nothing was quite visible and morning dressing ritual was a burden !!!

Therefore, we designed an open walk in closet space for their individual needs.


After planning the fundamental pieces of the bedroom, we still had more space to play around with!Balcony had a nice view and nobody could resist sitting by those windows.SO, we designed a built in seating arrangement and had it custom made to fit our new space.Frankly, I believe the comfy window seat is the reason why the young couple spend so much time in their new bedroom😊


The old balcony floor had ceramics and no new hardwood floor would match the old one.

That is why, we went ahead and changed it with a wall to wall carpeting for a cosier feel.


As the couple desired to sleep facing the windows, we designed a double duty closet door as a bed headboard with MDF backing.And then, we dressed it with the cutest wallpaper which I really fell in love with😍 Seriously,the YELLOW in the paper was our sunny inspiration for the remaining selections of fabrics and accessories.


Despite the crazy humid and hot weather and strict working hours implied by the neighbors,we were lucky enough to finish every detail before the new member of the family arrived👏👏


Did you know that the history of a balcony goes back to the 11 th century and it's use was majorly for protection during battles? Interesting as it is ,today it's purpose has totally changed from political to social.

IF you are LUCKY enough to have a balcony in your apartment, come and check out my makeover tips to enjoy them even more❗️



In an apartment building ,a balcony is one of the most influential architectural elements as it is the main structural connection to outdoors.So, scroll down to see more inspiring pictures and easy styling tips.


Obviously,it is a perfect space for relaxing!Balconies can easily be the outdoor extension of your indoor living atmosphere with careful touch ups. Furnitures resembling indoor pieces are always great for lounging. Hammocks and daybeds are my personal favorites when combined with soft pillows and throws.Who can resist a snuggle for a lazy nap in such a pleasant setting?

Personally, I never miss the chance to have a drink or dinner on anybody's balcony whenever I can. Breathing fresh air while getting a little tipsy is so appetising

So, after settling in an airy balcony,who can say "No" to nibbling on small bites after a long hard working day?


Balconies are great for long hours of entertaining,too.They are the best cozy outdoor spaces . .Make sure to have comfy seating for ongoing conversations.So ,why go out when you can easily throw a party @ your own balcony ?


Balconies are the best spot to DIY!

SO,here are my prerequisites for a breathtaking design:

Add greenery to integrate the feel of outdoors. Any type of planters will do!Especially,try hanging plants on the walls if possible...


Choose comfy chairs or sofas for a home like feel!Palletes for seating are easy on your pocket and soft cushions work perfectly on them.


Scatter as many pillows and blankets as possible for an inviting design.Throw them on the floor to host more people when needed.

Get Foldable tables and bench style seating. They are THE perfect space savers!


Accent with small rugs, lanterns, candle holders and vintage accessories for a stylish look!


~~~Once you are done getting your space together ,please please please TREAT yourself to a lovely happy hour, a peaceful nap or a fun gathering with your friends ASAP.~~~