Is it really possible to have a 250 USD KING SIZE bed made with the finest materials to be shipped to your home within 24 hrs??

Yes it is!!! But only if you know where to look for...


Recently , I have been going through a lot of online shopping experience for my clients. So, TRUST ME, once you start enjoying it, it becomes irresistible!!!


Clearly , online shopping has both advantages and disadvantages.

But if you compare the downsides with what you achieve in such a short period of time, you will see that the act is priceless!!!

Let's say, you want to buy a fancy dresser and you have been looking for it forever! First of all,showrooms can only display limited number of pieces and then again, you might not even have the store you are looking for anywhere near you.

Isn't that why almost all bestseller furniture stores also have online shopping 👀



That is when online shopping steps in ,with its limitless number of websites displaying tons of furniture options and their prices.

Yes, with their prices!!! This fact by itself is a winner! Don't tell me that you have never been to a store where you could not even come close to asking the price for a tiny piece of furniture ⁉️⁉️

Plus,do you ever think about how long it takes to wait for a sales representative to ask her if a piece is in stock or not ,or if it comes in a different colour and size?

Now that's where online shopping wins again👍🏻


Also, NEVER FORGET:a website cannot make a mistake with the number of items in stock or a detailed measurement.The only disappointing experience can sometimes be the lack of information on a product.To avoid that, I use trustworthy web sources with adequate product details.



Of course, seeing it real can never be as satisfying as seeing it on screen, but when you add up all the advantages, online shopping is priceless!

Besides, nowadays when TIME is such a great treasure, who can deny the act of buying a client's furniture in minutes without even planning for a scheduled store visit?



Now,I must confess that my favourite furniture cruising time is at night in my pjs 😊So stay relaxed and click away whenever and however you like for furniture of any size and price without waiting in line...

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Lately,aren't we all begging for warm weather to knock on our doors? I don't know about you all,but I already started daydreaming about DINING OUTDOORS!!!Given the lovely warm breezes and landscaping decoration, outdoor experiences can be very romantic, relaxing and fun.



Recently, I have answered several professional questions about outdoor dining design for the editor of Laguna Beach magazine.So I decided to share some of my insights with you too! Read more to get the hang of my design process to enjoy your outdoors in a leisurely manner.



ANALYSE your climate, note the sunlight,wind& overall temperatures ...                                    Try to observe your settings to decide if you will be dining under a veranda roof or a branching tree . This way you can construct your architectural elements accordingly.


Let's say it gets very humid around your outdoor space, then I would suggest you go for a veranda with an insulated roof.

If your weather is dry enough, you can easily enjoy dining under the stars  


Too much sunlight can easily destroy your furniture as well as your mood, too! So use partial covers like big umbrellas or greenery covered wood grids.

CHOOSE durable materials to enjoy your outdoor furniture for longer. Wood, mesh ,special outdoor fabrics,straws,marble,corian and tiled surfaces,glass and different types of metals or porcelain are best outdoors.


DEFINE your ambiance by Lighting !!! It is a very important issue when dining outdoors because outside, light is spread more as there are less reflective surfaces!If your dining area has a roof, lighting from the ceiling is the common solution. 


VIA HOME DEPOT/Design by Jen Stagg

If you prefer less direct lighting, I would suggest choosing high floor lamps! If not enough , you can always add more with mobile sources.Candles and lanterns are always a favourite as they are handy when you need extra light!Plus they are great for decorative purposes,too.


DECORATE with colorful accessories for a warmer feel.If there is a garden close by,flowers around are usually pretty enough with their lovely colours and shapes!


Personally,I love to scatter other decorative pieces such as pillows,throws,candle holders and runners. Outdoor rugs, freestanding lanterns and sculpturous lighting fixtures with batteries are all great choices for a cozier feel.


Compared to indoor accessories, outdoor pieces are usually more budget friendly as they are not as long lasting .So NEVER miss out on simple seasonal outdoor accessories with lots of trendy colours as they will be the EYE CANDY!


VIA GLITTER GUIDE / Design by Brittany Cobb

I always love to surf around the web for easy DIY tips when decorating outdoors!

SO hang in there to see some amazing DIY ideas to creatively style your own...