Is it really possible to have a 250 USD KING SIZE bed made with the finest materials to be shipped to your home within 24 hrs??

Yes it is!!! But only if you know where to look for...


Recently , I have been going through a lot of online shopping experience for my clients. So, TRUST ME, once you start enjoying it, it becomes irresistible!!!


Clearly , online shopping has both advantages and disadvantages.

But if you compare the downsides with what you achieve in such a short period of time, you will see that the act is priceless!!!

Let's say, you want to buy a fancy dresser and you have been looking for it forever! First of all,showrooms can only display limited number of pieces and then again, you might not even have the store you are looking for anywhere near you.

Isn't that why almost all bestseller furniture stores also have online shopping 👀



That is when online shopping steps in ,with its limitless number of websites displaying tons of furniture options and their prices.

Yes, with their prices!!! This fact by itself is a winner! Don't tell me that you have never been to a store where you could not even come close to asking the price for a tiny piece of furniture ⁉️⁉️

Plus,do you ever think about how long it takes to wait for a sales representative to ask her if a piece is in stock or not ,or if it comes in a different colour and size?

Now that's where online shopping wins again👍🏻


Also, NEVER FORGET:a website cannot make a mistake with the number of items in stock or a detailed measurement.The only disappointing experience can sometimes be the lack of information on a product.To avoid that, I use trustworthy web sources with adequate product details.



Of course, seeing it real can never be as satisfying as seeing it on screen, but when you add up all the advantages, online shopping is priceless!

Besides, nowadays when TIME is such a great treasure, who can deny the act of buying a client's furniture in minutes without even planning for a scheduled store visit?



Now,I must confess that my favourite furniture cruising time is at night in my pjs 😊So stay relaxed and click away whenever and however you like for furniture of any size and price without waiting in line...

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Want to make a statement in your home by using attractively intense colors or dramatic features? But, are you a bit hesitant ❔You dread to spoil the entire style of your home or fear the mix and match .I can already feel your cold sweat💦

Now come on! This exactly what powder rooms are for!So keep reading for a BOLD LOOK.


A powder room is a focal point in a house like a pit stop for your guests to refresh. I will try to give easy inspirational tips for a fancy design. First of all, keep in mind that a powder room never has to reflect your overall interior. Instead,it can have a character of its own with your stylish touches.



One does not recall an interior relative to size or budget. So,try to impress guests with a captivating feeling!Now, stop for a moment to daydream!Imagine yourself in a happy exotic beach  or a misty forest ! Pin  colours that reflect your mood.

Let's say your theme rolls around a sunny happy day on the beach: then head for hues of blue ,waves or figures from the ocean.Gold or sand colored features are usually captivating. As the design process will be self-guided,be as creative as you like...

VIA COLE AND SONS||Acquario Wallpaper designed by FORNASETTI


Another classic design method is to get inspiration from a wallpaper or a paint colour.Considering their space areas, walls will probably be the major focus in a powder room. That is why,an eye catching pattern can immediately create the whole story .


Do you feel distressed to be left with a flashy wall to deal with? Well, in this case,opt for a charming mirror ,wall light or artwork! Dramatic mirror frames, and vintage fixtures are all fair play! Just make sure to choose vivid and sparkling pieces as eye candy 🍭



Plus,never forget that a powder room is usually smaller in size and can easily be catchy without pocket digging. So be BOLD and splurge if you like...


LIGHTING TIPS:Make sure the light source is enough to freshen up make up ! Wallights with clear bulbs and flashy pendants are a great choice.


WALL DRESSING TIPS:Dare to paint your wall as a blackboard ,hang all types of wall art or cover it with an adventurous wallpaper. Vegetal motifs or geometrical shapes are my favorite ! A story based wall covering is always intriguing, too.



ACCESSORIZING TIPS:Shop for towels and vanity sets matching your theme colours. Also go for brass, gold or black fixtures for a more attractive look!